Upcoming Events


*Indicates COVID cancellation 

4/26    4PM            *Williamsport Chamber Players (soloist)  - Community Arts Center, Williamsport, PA 

4/18    7PM            *Lycoming College Music Gala w/ Williamsport Chamber Choir & Orchestra - Community Arts Center

4/5       4PM           * Williamsport Chamber Choir & Orchestra (soloist) - St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Williamsport, PA

3/19    12PM         * Concert at Noon with Joanne Yang, piano (vocal soloist) -- Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA 

2/16    4PM             L'AMOUR: A Vocal Recital  (w/guests Nina Polachek, soprano and Anna Woiwood, soprano)                    

                                   Mary Lindsay Welch Honors Hall, Lycoming College -- Williamsport, PA 

1/6       3PM             Messiah Sing Along (soloist) hosted by Williamsport Music Club --Williamsport, PA 


10/27   4PM            Concert at St. Boniface Church (soloist) -- St. Boniface Church, Williamsport, PA 

9/15     6PM            Summer Concert Series at Brandon Park with the Lycoming College Band -- Williamsport, PA 

8/21     7PM            Summer Concert Series in Indian Park -- Montoursville, PA 

6/15      6PM           'That's Amore' with Hawthorne Opera Theater -- St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Williamsport, PA 

5/28      7PM           Williamsport Music Club - Musical Theater -- Williamsport, PA 

5/7        7PM           Guest Vocalist with the HHS Spartan Choir (Workshops & Soloist) -- Hughesville, PA 

5/3        6PM           Classical Cafe with Hawthorne Opera Theater -- Backhouse Cafe, Williamsport, PA 

3/ 20    7:30PM     Cavalleria Rusticana  (Santuzza )  -- Community Arts Center, Williamsport, PA 

2/17     4PM           Close-Up Concert -- Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA 

1/27     10AM         Special Music at Faxon Kenmar UMC -- Williamsport, PA 

1/22     7PM           Williamsport Music Club: Traditions -- Williamsport, PA 


10/23   7PM           Williamsport Music Club: Opera -- Williamsport, PA 

9/30      4PM           Close-Up Concert: Soviet Realism -- Lycoming College, WIlliamsport, PA 

8/29      7PM           Summer Concert Series -- Montoursville, PA 

7/21- 7/22              OperaWorks presents:  The Golden Lasso -- Los Angeles, CA 

6/24-7/23               OperaWorks Advanced Artist Program -- Los Angeles, CA 

5/22     7PM            Williamsport Music Club: Broadway Celebration -- Williamsport, PA 

4/21     10AM         Pennsylvania Federation of Music Clubs Convention -- Pittsburgh, PA 

4/8       3PM            Arias and Art Songs Recital -- Williamsport, PA 

3/27    7PM             Williamsport Music Club -- Williamsport, PA 

3/1       12PM          Lycoming College Voice Faculty Recital -- Williamsport, PA 

2/27     7PM            Williamsport Music Club -- Williamsport, PA 

2/23     7PM            Live at the Listening Room w/ Lavender Blue -- Williamsport, PA                    


12/14 Christian Light Bookstore                    6:30-8:00pm               Williamsport, PA

12/4    Williamsport Music Club                       6:00pm                        Williamsport, PA 

11/17  Victorian Christmas Artisan Market  4:00-5:00pm             Williamsport, PA

11/14  Williamsport Music Club                     7:00pm                         Williamsport, PA

10/15  "Music of the Birds" Lecture             6:00pm                         James V. Brown Library, Williamsport, PA

10/8    Apple & Cheese Festival                      12:00-2:00pm             Canton, PA

10/7    Apple & Cheese Festival                      10:00-12:00pm          Canton, PA

9/22    Zafar Grotto Club                                                                           South Williamsport, PA

9/16    Wedding - Private Event                                                              Williamsport, PA

9/15    Millersburg Moose                                  6:00-8:00pm              Millersburg, PA

7/22    Art in the Park Arts Fair                        8:45-9:30am               Lewisburg, PA

7/21    East Lycoming Choral Ensemble     7:00pm                         Christ UMC, Hughesville, PA  

7/16    Grotto Festival                                         TBA                                South Williamsport, PA

7/10    PA LIVE!                                                      4:00pm                          WBRE -TV 

7/2      Bark Peeler's Festival                           11:00-1:00pm             Rt. 6 Ulysses/Galeton, PA

7/1      Bark Peeler's Festival                           11:00-4:00pm             Rt. 6 Ulysses/Galeton, PA

6/24    The Brickyard                                          6:30-7:30pm               Williamsport, PA

6/23    Avenue 209 Coffee                                 7:00-9:00pm               Lock Haven, PA

6/22    Genetti 4th St. Grille                             8:00-10:00pm             Williamsport, PA

6/16    Fero Winery                                              5:30-8:30pm                Lewisburg, PA

6/6       Willliamsport Music Club                   7:00pm                          Pine St, UMC Williamsport, PA

6/1       Old Forge Brewing Co.                        7:00-9:00pm                Danville, PA

5/23     Williamsport Music Club                    7:00pm                          Robert M. Sides    Williamsport, PA

5/20     "Chords of A Story" Concert             8:00pm                          Studio 570    Williamsport, PA

5/5      Williamsport Chamber Choir             7:00pm                          Williamsport, PA    

4/25     Williamsport Music Club Gala          7:30pm                          Williamsport, PA            

4/23     Opera Fundraiser                                   7:00pm                          Williamsport, PA